Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have you ever heard of the Story People by Brian Andreas? If not, go check it out. Somewhere in California a group of diverse people gather together and create prints, wall hangings, and unique furniture pieces that have a really vibrant, artistic flair. I've pasted a photo or two here to show you examples (from their website.) Each one includes a "story" written by Brian Andreas- it's actually more like short prose that suggests a longer story. I love the idea of their enterprise- it's my idea of heaven to be in a studio with a group of interesting and talented people creating ART. So cool.
One night a few years ago I was up late, in a whimsical mood, and I got on a kick reading his "stories" online. (There is a place on the website where you can read them.) Some of my favorites are:
Angel of Dreams (PS- The Susan who commented there is not me, FYI.)
Oh, goodness. (There are so many more I love, but that's enough links for now.)
On that night, a few years ago, I was so inspired by these stories that I wrote some of my own. Here's are a few:
Why does art exist he asked and the angel said because there are not enough words to hold all the possibilities of the human heart.
Have you ever noticed, remarked one star to another, that humans are so busy creating their own light that they no longer notice the light God has provided them?
Little Girls
Why do little girls like pink he asked and the little girl answered because pink is what you get when you mix red hot fire with cool white snow and that is exactly what girls are anyway.
Perfect Medicine
Of course if we could bottle the essence of a baby’s laugh and give it as a tonic we wouldn’t need doctors or hospitals or nurses anymore, now would we?
I wrote these two when I was experiencing infertility and WISHING my heart out for children:
Will I ever have a daughter? I asked the angel and she laughed and said surely someone who loves starlight and deep forests and sunset skies as much as you do will have a daughter, because daughters are born of these things.
Will I ever have a son? I asked the angel and he laughed and said surely someone who loves clear mountains and thunderclouds and the roar of the sea as much as you do will have a son, because sons are born of these things.
I had fun writing those, and fun tonight revisiting them. Check out the Story People website if you're in the mood for some inspiration.


Kate said...

I love those story people too. When I first saw them in a shop I had to fight hard to resist the urge to buy up a million and hang them all over the house!
Your own are beautiful, you are such a gifted writer.
Happy 4th to you guys!

Anonymous said...

You are gifted with words!

I've never seen this - where did you stumble upon it? I'll have to check it out.

Were you the one, by the way, who asked me about that picture on the post today? I stumbled upon it recently and it had permission granted to blog it - so I did, and then stupidly forgot to write down the info. I have no idea where I even found it. I think I googled "images of american flags." Try that if you're interested...

If that wasn't you, ignore the above paragraph. :)