Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Papa, where are you going with that axe?

Did you think I ran away from home?
No, but I almost axed this blog.
We went on a beach vacation (so fun) with a luau party at the end.
We've been taking daily swimming lessons.
We had a big Fancy Nancy birthday bash for Sister's 4th birthday.
We've been doing lots of art.
We've just been enjoying summer.

And I REALLY didn't miss writing here.
But... I'm not going to give it up yet, I don't think. Though I might be making some changes.
In any case, I won't be back here until about the third week of August when the kids start preschool. So, cheerio! And I hope you are having a TERRIFIC summer!

PS- Do you know which book opens with the sentence that is my "title" today?


Jessica B. said...

Charlotte's Web of course :)

Beck said...

Ah, I wasn't first!
I'd miss you if you went...

Anonymous said...

I had a little hiatus of my own for about a month (I did use a friend's computer just a few times) when the computer AND phones got struck by lightning.

Guess what? I didn't explode from NOT WRITING. Afterwards, I thought about axe-ing it, too, but somehow I gradually came back (that had a lot to do with my dad, actually...). And since I have come back, I've taken it much easier. If I have time, I write. If I have more time, I comment - and the commenting is usually what suffers.
There go the numbers, but you know what? It really doesn't matter - the reason I blog is for my family, and hopefully one day for my kids to read, too. So, I'm glad I had the break, and taking it easier has been a lot of fun, actually!

I hope to see ya round - hopefully with some changes that will help you only enjoy it more. :)