Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm back!

Hi friends- hope you are all well. We had a great trip to the beach but I must say I'm always glad to get back home!
When I got back to Internet access (Hallelujah!) I was really saddened to read on Beck's blog that Tasha Tudor had passed away. I feel that I should write a long post about how much I admired her lifestyle, and how I loved her art, and how much she inspired me with all her ideas for making childhood magical for her children... but Beck said it so well already. So, if you haven't read her post on the subject yet, please do.
I shall now link you to a few things I am liking tonight:
1. These adorable little fairies from Etsy.
2. The stuff in Fairy Dreamer's Etsy shop- what inspiration!
3. Colored Kleen Kanteens! I haven't yet made the switch from poisonous plastic sippy-cups to the non-poisonous variety, and why the heck not??? It's time to get off my duff and do it, and these cool ones are just the right motivation!
4. This post featuring summer recipes on a newly discovered recipe blog. It looks spectacular. And she has a huge gluten-free index, Beck! Yippee!
5. The recipe archive on the Niki Leigh website- a company that specializes in creating homemade beauty products from natural ingredients. If I had an older daughter, I think we could have a fabulous girl-night with friends mixing up some of these concoctions and beautifying ourselves!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I read Beck's post, too. Sigh.

I have one kid who still likes water bottles - only he likes the disposable, sports-bottles from the grocery, and when I discovered I shouldn't be REUSING them anymore, what did I do? Just bought MORE, so he doesn't have to reuse them - much. I should check out something a bit more practical, shouldn't I? And then I won't have to worry, either. It's so fun to come home from the grocery and say, "round up all the water bottles, Jack, and throw them all away... we have new ones now."
Not really.

Glad you had a good trip! Welcome back to REALITY. :)


Kate said...

Welcome home!!
Really, isn't it the best part of traveling? I think so.
Thanks for sharing great links :)

Beck said...

I'm home too! Thanks for pointing me to ALL THOSE RECIPES - the Baby will be so HAPPY!