Monday, June 2, 2008

OK. I'm still alive, and feeling better. Thanks for the well-wishes!
While I've been "bed-resting" a bit, I have had fun planning some summer activities. One on the top of the list right now (just because I'm into it at the moment) is the idea to have a luau when our family rents a beach house together this summer. I think it would be an fun way to end our week together.

And check out what I bought on Etsy?

Hula dancer cake toppers so we can make this fabulous cake.

Trees (also for the cake.)


Some cocktail umbrellas (Sister will be able to make the drinks fancy.)


And these fabulous hula dancer beads. I think I'm also going to buy some colorful wooden beads and have bracelet-making be an activity at the party.

The first three items are from this Etsy shop and the hula girl beads are from this one.
With a good haul from Oriental Trader (you should see Sister's wish list!!), we'll be set. It's not until July, but planning a luau has been a rather cheering activity.
Hope you all are HEALTHY! (fresh respect for being healthy) and enjoying your week.


Bethany said...

That sounds like fun! We had a luau graduation party when I graduated from Junior College. It was a blast!

We played several of those dorky games where you pass lifesavers on toothpicks down a row or pass oranges using your neck. Great fun...if a bit silly!

By the way, your header rocks! I love it!

Beck said...

You MUST post pictures of the cake when it's done!
(and I am SO glad you're on the mend.)