Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The forest folk have been living in some custom-style tree houses this week. They seem to like it very much.
Fairies are from Magic Cabin.
Small stuffed animals from this etsy shop.
Wooden animals from Anne Moze (so wonderful and cheaper than the European brands!)
Blocks built by my husband last Christmas.


Beck said...

That top picture is just so wildly magical...

Anonymous said...

Evidently, you and Beck are like THIS these days... your post was evocative of many of hers, I thought... and that's a compliment, by the way!

ugh, the guilt of owning plastic toys and being parents who don't MAKE things for their kids. Thanks so very much. ;)

Jessica B. said...

I have already gone to buy some tiny felt animals. They are not pricey and SO CUTE!

I found the fairies too and they are so much cuter in your pictures than the drawing they have on their website! It is a wonder they sell any that way because I would never have given them a second look if I hadn't seen your picture.