Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fancy Nancy, I love you.

My friends, are you familiar with Fancy Nancy? If not, you must aquaint yourself at once. Especially if you have a little girl.
Fancy Nancy is all the rage at our house, and is the theme of Sister's upcoming 4th birthday party. I have ordered a dozen tutus, feather boas, tiaras, and pixie wings. (From this source- good prices!) We will be dressing up, painting little nails, putting on make-up (or, rather, making a big deal out of putting on VERY LITTLE make-up) and doing a necklace-making craft. Then we will have "tea" of sandwiches with little frilly toothpicks, mini muffins, fruit cut into fancy shapes, and a very fancy cake. Doesn't it sound divine?
(If I survive, I'll post photos.)
Anway, the above photo is what I've been working on for the past two evenings- homemade invitations. I had a ball! I almost didn't post the photo because it doesn't BEGIN to capture the glimmery, glittered FANCINESS of this creation. (Have you noticed this theme lately? My rental house is just DARK- and even the yard is dark and shadowed- I took that photo outside!) I color-copied the Nancy from one of Sister's books onto cardstock, attached her with 3-D glue dots onto another sheet of cardstock printed with the party info., and then drew the butterflies and flowers. I painted them with a lovely watercolor paint that has a subtle shimmer, and then I got rid of all pretext of subtlety and heaped glitter on Nancy's wings and the Prima flowers. SO fun!
Sister is quite enchanted, and so excited about her party. But first we have our luau next Friday night while we're out at the beach! We're party people these days.


Beck said...

It sounds awesome. How come adult parties are never that fun?

Anonymous said...

So excited to see your invitation! I'm working on a "Fancy Nancy's Pirate Adventure" theme party...have to incorporate the boys...for my soon to be 5 year old. Keep the ideas coming...PLEASE!