Thursday, January 17, 2008

After two weeks, we’re finally getting settled into the rental house. Boy, what a chore moving is for me. I really loathe it. I guess being a global and fairly disorganized person makes the moving process extra difficult for me. As we frantically pack, I am always faced with my piles- here, I’ll inventory one:
2 precious pieces of Sister’s art from preschool
Brother’s nose sucker (he had a nasty cold)
Adorn magazine
Coupon for Ziploc bags
A doll missing its leg (to be fixed)
Doll leg
Teeny tiny rubberband and metal thingy needed to repair doll’s leg
Cookbook I’ve been reading (but not yet cooking from)- by Pat Conroy, a favorite author
Stack of photographs mailed to me from relative
Mail that looks somewhat important but has not yet been opened
Watercolor paint tray
Several paintbrushes
Church bulletin with phone number of friend scrawled on the back
Pottery Barn catalog
Digital camera perched on top of pile (rather precariously)

Are you getting my drift? So, when I move, I am faced with the question: Do I sort and organize all this stuff now, and waste precious packing moments, or do I just throw it all in a box together and worry about it on the other end.

I bet you can guess what I did.
So, here I am- two weeks after the move. I’ve unpacked all the “easy”, straightforward boxes: books- for the shelves, pots and pans- for the kitchen, etc. Now I am faced with a stack of boxes containing the piles. Ugh. Of course, the punishment fits the crime. I am taking my time, getting organized. It won’t last, but it feels good in the moment.

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