Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excuse me while I vent for a moment

I need to confess.
A few afternoons ago the DH took the kids to the grocery store. I am working on a freelance writing project in my "spare time" (insert hysterical laughter here) and am desperate for even a few moments to write in peace. (Don't get excited- it's grant writing for a non-profit. Not exactly a creative writing adventure.)
Anyway, I called DH to tell him something I forgot to add to the list. When he answered, he sounded stressed out. When I asked why, he snapped, "The kids are fussy, Brother keeps finding ways to escape the seat, even though I strap him in, and I'm having to carry him all over the store. This isn't exactly easy!"
Now, I am actually proud of the way I responded. I said, "I'm sorry you are having a hard time. I'll let you go. Thanks for shopping for me!"
But as soon as I hung up I felt this immense wave of pleasure knowing that the DH was getting a small glimpse of this job called "Stay-At-Home-Mom."
My DH is wonderful, and he's a hands-on Dad, and I know he values my role as our kids' mom. BUT, I also know that he just doesn't get it sometimes. For instance, yesterday afternoon, when he called to say that he wouldn't be home at 4:00 as promised- it would be 5:00. And then when he called at 5:00 to say it would be a little later. And then when he got home at 6:30 and was surprised to find me a little, let's say, unhappy.
Or when he acts like he's not sure why the house is such a mess- after all, we were home all day.
(That's WHY it's a mess, Daddy-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
So, just knowing that he was getting a taste of the grocery store adventure with two young children was a little gratifying. Even better was when he came home with two pounds of sliced deli ham instead of turkey as requested. Oops. He looked crestfallen. "Sorry, I guess I just misread the list. I mean, the kids had already finished their cookies, and they were really fussy, and it was crazy..." I just patted his shoulder and said, "It's OK. I understand."
I understand all too well.

Boy, that feels better. To make up for this vent, I'll post another day about what a sweet husband DH is, and what a GREAT Dad he has been, and how hard-working he is, and smart, and handy around the house.
Just not today.


Kate said...

Yup, those moments when you get a glimpse of them realizing exactly what we do 24/7 feel sooooo good!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I hear my boyfriend talking about growing up with a stay at home Mom. It is so bizarre to my ears to hear him. He thinks that the woman lived in the lap of luxury with three little kids in the 60's...trying to do all the housewifery and mothery stuff...while her shift work husband slept during the day.....What a time that poor woman must have had. But she a good enough job of it for the kids to think she had it easy. I need to send that man your blog entry!

; )