Monday, April 21, 2008

lamest post ever

I've been feeling guilty about being so many days between posts when I realized that:
1) Everyone is doing it! Spring is in the air.
2) I'm not supposed to care, because I blog without obligation.

So there.
And I know I promised to post my "weird" post but I lost steam on that. Thing is, I need to be in a weird mood to finish it, and that just hasn't happened in the last few days.
Grumpy? Yes. Stressed? Yes. Happy? Yes. Relaxed? Yes. Sleepy? Yes. Hyped-up? Yes.
Weird? Ummmm, no. But I'm due for some weird any minute. So that post should be forthcoming.
I've also been busy. Saturday I taught a class for teachers and administrators on how to integrate the arts into their teaching of the "basics." It's one of my "passionate topics" and I love the mental stimulation of preparing for the classes. I'll be teaching for the next four Saturdays. Having me work weekends definitely adds to the stress around here, but it's also a good thing. It's nice to actually MISS my kids, you know? (Not to mention making some extra cash.)

Yes, this is my lamest post ever. Sorry!

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