Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where have I been? Man, life is clipping past me at quite a rapid pace. Between DH's work, negotiating, re-negotiating, and re-re-negotiating a contract on our house, having it inspected, and spending what seems like hours on the phone with our realtor, there just aren't many spare moments. But in the ones I do have, I've been scheming.
I am determined to make my hours home with my children more enjoyable and more productive. Right now it's survival mode; keep Brother from seriously injuring himself. Keep Sister from watching too much tv, keep the siblings playing nicely, keep the clutter from swallowing me whole. By 6:00 every day I feel very, how shall I say... put out. And just in time for the DH's homecoming! So lovely.
I don't like this attitude. It's too much Eyeore, too little Tigger. (A la The Last Lecture .) So, I'm scheming. And if I had time, I'd share my scheme with you. As it is, a bottom needs wiping, a boy needs bathing (desperately!) so I'd better run along.
I shall return.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I was thinking the same thing myself today, but my reasons are different. 1. I have spring fever, which always comes about this time every year, daring me to just quit homeschooling for a few months.
And 2. I have allergies and they wipe me out - the pollen is knee deep.

And so we're managing, but it's not always very cheerfully done. I try, but I'm human.

Same as you. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way - award time at my place. Stop by and pick it up - I'm working on it now!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Am I freaking you out yet? I'm not a stalker - I'm just trying to get the awards to the right place.

But I had to say -
I dig your music. Your selections look about as eclectic as mine. Very cool.

Kate said...

Hang in there...We have all been in that place. Doesn't the scheming make it much more bearable though. I think it does!