Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who, me?

I'm working on a weird blog post (that will reveal my weird, weird imagination) but I just had to post here to say that the lovely Jennifer has given me a blog award! I know most of you have gobs of them, but this is my first one and I'm oh, so excited. Here 'tis:

It's the blog of distinction award given to "a blogger who makes you laugh, cry, think, or sigh."

I feel so honored! For me to do any of those things for Jennifer is a thrill, because she is an excellent blogger with diverse (and very interesting) topics, and I always make sure to read her blog when I can THINK because it's worth it. You know? So, thanks Jennifer!!!

And now I must pass it on. So here it goes:

To Beck, of course, because she makes me laugh, cry, think and sigh all the time (usually all in one blog post.) She's probably been given this kind of award 10 dozen times, but still I must give it to her!

And to Kate-who I found through mini-swap and who I love to read because of her ability to make her daily life sound so lovely. (Lots of sighs! Just check out that banner photo!)

OK- I hope to have my weird, sci-fi post up tomorrow. Maybe the next.


Beck said...

Oh, thank you SO much! That's so sweet of you.

Kate said...

AWWWW, I'm thrilled to be the recipient of such a wonderful honor- this is a first for me too, how exciting!
Thanks Susan, glad to provide you with a good sigh every once in a while!!