Monday, March 17, 2008

the answers

In response to recent comments:

1. No, I did not know FinSlippy was BIG-TIME blogger. Duh. If there is anyone else I should be reading, please do let me know.
2. Regarding living with my brother and his family for two years, yes I would do it again. The idea actually took root in Europe. My brother and his wife both studied over there in college (Italy and Spain, respectively) and my DH and I took a 2-week trip to Northern Italy before we started having kids. Going abroad was a life-changing experience for all of us. Each of us came back to the states impressed by the way many Europeans seem to embrace family (even extended family) and often share housing. It is no big deal over there. We thought, why not? In America, when we told people what we were doing, we were met with shock (are you serious???), anxiety (but you'll all have a huge falling out and hate each other forever!)- that one mostly from other family, and ridicule (you're nuts- better you than me!). Every now and then, people were open to the idea and thought it was wise financially, would be fun, etc.
Of course, not caring what people thought, we went on with our plan and it was fun, and HOPEFULLY financially wise. There was something magical about having babies born and raised under our shared roof. (Clarification: not literally born under that roof. I'm a hospital kind of girl!) We helped each other, we encouraged each other, we laughed together and watch each other morph into parents. Naturally, there were times that it wasn't easy. I'd say lack of privacy was the biggest issue- that and differing ideas of what "clean" means. But it was definitely worth it.
OK. I'd love to think of some really poignant thing to say now. Or something really funny. But actually, I'm really tired, and Sister is sick, and I just want to crawl under the covers and turn off this computer. So... later.

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