Monday, March 3, 2008

Mini-Swap Mania!

We received our mini-swap package from Kate and her boys today. In fact, the timing was perfect. The afternoon was growing long, and I was having a serious sinking spell (Southern Belle style.) Suddenly DH walked in the door and called, "You've got a package!" Immediately I knew: mini-swap!

Kate did not disappoint! In fact, her box was so full of goodies, I'm a little worried that ours will look slim to her. We opened the box to find three beautiful linen bags. I must go on about these bags for a moment: they are so pretty, and so practical, and they have ribbons sewn into the seam so you can always tie them closed. Fabulous! I know they will get much use throughout the upcoming years. In fact, I think this is a brilliant idea for "wrapping" a gift- practical, reusable, beautiful. My family might start getting presents wrapped in pretty fabric bags.

There was a bag for Sister, a bag for Brother, and a bag for them to share. Sister immediately pulled out her first gift- a Cinderella set that included a small doll with two dresses. She was in Heaven. Brother pulled out a package of Thomas the Train stickers. He screamed with delight. It was funny, because I really think had that been all there was, they would have both been totally satisfied! But Kate had done lots more than that, and before it was over, we had unwrapped a collection of books, bubbles, Play-Doh, sunglasses, stickers, coloring books with scented crayons, trains, and my personal favorite- a brownie mixture in a jar with two ADORABLE homemade aprons. Sister's was made of Disney princess fabric, and Brother's was made of Thomas fabric. They are absolutely precious! Brother loved his so much that he wore it until bedtime.

So, from our end, mini-swap was a huge success. Kate was a terrific partner and I can only hope that our package brings smiles to her boys' faces too.

Thanks, Kate! I'll swap with you again anytime!

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Kate said...

Aw, thanks for such generous compliments. We are sooo happy you guys liked the stuff. It really was such fun to put together!!
Brother's apron looks enourmous. I was afraid of that, but figured better to grow into than out of.

I need to know what a "southern belle style, sinking spell" looks like. I might be due for one of those!!