Friday, March 14, 2008

ha ha ha ha ha

I am so excited. I just found an awesome blog, Finslippy, which it not new, but is new to me. As I read I realized I liked her style so much because she reminds me of Beck. So, of course I loved her. Anyway, I followed a link to this post which talks about the California homeschooling ruling.
Oh. my. goodness. I laughed so hard I cried. CRIED! Laughed and cried so hard I couldn't even read it aloud to my husband and he had to come take the laptop and read for himself.
And please know I am not disrespecting you homeschoolers. I admire you tremendously and may be one myself one day. (Undecided, there.)
But it's funny. Really funny.
PS- It doesn't get funny to the 4th paragraph, so don't get bogged down in the facts. Keep on.
Happy Saturday!


Kate said...

OK, that was super funny, she's right up there with Heather(Dooce).
Excellent find. Thanks for sharing!!
Have a super weekend :)

Beck said...

I'm rather flattered by the comparison - she's a Super Famous Blogger, you know!

meg said...

Finslippy is pretty fantastic. Thanks for leading me to the article! ha!