Saturday, March 1, 2008


The other day my SIL (Sister-in-law) and I were sitting together talking about how cool we used to be in our college days. Sort of like, "I know I'm not cool now, but I used to be cool. I had really cool clothes, and I listened to cool music. Very cool..."
My brother heard us and he said, "Um, I hate to tell you this, but the fact that you're having this conversation means neither of you were ever cool."
I told him to shut up, of course. (My duty as his older sister.)
Anyway, I was thinking about my former coolness, and how it has utterly departed from me. I devised a little top ten list for your enjoyment. Do you recognize yourself in any of these items? Anything you want to add?

You know you aren’t cool anymore when…

10.You go out to eat but don’t enjoy your meal because the restaurant is “too loud.”
9. You barely watch TV anymore because all the shows are too “trashy.” You realize that the morals of your generation far surpass those of the current younger generation.
8. You order all of your clothes from catalogs you once scorned, such as L.L. Bean and Eddie Bauer.
7. Teenagers are listening to music you listened to when you were a teenager because it’s “retro” and cool again.
6. Comfort has surpassed aesthetics when purchasing shoes. (I swear, my feet look like mushrooms in the Danskos I wear. Ask me if I care.)
5. You wonder why anyone would spend an evening in a crowded, noisy bar when they could be sitting at home watching “Seinfeld” reruns in their pajamas.
4. You catch yourself calling young people like the bag boy at the grocery store “honey.”
3. The check-out girl hasn’t carded you in years.
2. When a good-looking guy smiles in your direction at the grocery store, you know that a) it’s not sexual and b) you could care less.
Note: He’s actually smiling at your baby.
1. Most of your anecdotes for your top ten list seem to occur at the grocery store.

:-) Hope you all have a very cool weekend!


Beck said...

Ah, number 7. That one STARTLED me. It hasn't been that long since the 80s, has it?

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Loved #1. Hysterical list, Susan.

Likely said...

yeah, number 7. When I was a teacher before becoming a mommy I would hear them sing songs that were remakes of my generation and I am only 29!

What about not cool when you go to bed at 9. and 10 is a late night.

Anonymous said...

SO funny! I can identify with them all.

Here's one...
when your kids' dance recital has music from your youth in it and the girls dancing have no idea who is singing.
Actual conversation while Thriller was playing: "What is this?"
"I don't know, I think Michael Jackson."

And there isn't much that can compete with watching Seinfeld in your pajamas, I don't care how cool you are. :)