Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Major diapering violation

Last night I fell into bed about 30 minutes before the DH, utterly pooped. He came in a little before 11:00. Thus, when Brother started crying (hard) at about 11:15, I felt OK asking DH to go check on him. (I NEVER ask him to do this, but I figured he wasn't as sleep-grogged as I was, having just come to bed.) Apparently I was mistaken.
As DH walked out of our bedroom, I called, "Please check his diaper!"
Through the monitor I heard sounds of DH reassuring Brother, diaper changing sounds, and then quiet. Blessed quiet.
When DH came back, I asked, "Was he wet?"
"No," mumbled DH.

We all slept through the rest of the night. When Brother called me at 6:30 (his usual time) I went in and was overpowered by the smell of urine. I quickly realized that he was drenched- his PJs were soaked and there was a huge yellow stain on his sheet. And then I noticed that he was holding one of the little velcro thingies that holds the sides of the diaper closed.
I was befuddled. How did he get that? He can't take his PJs off yet (I don't think) and he was all zipped up- HOW did he get that?
I picked him up to change his diaper/clothes when I found the incriminating evidence. One side of Brother's diaper was MISSING a velcro thingie, and the diaper was wide open on that side.
That explained the urine leakage. I pondered how this could have happened and decided that Brother must have reached down in the night during DH's ministrations and ripped off the velcro piece without DH's knowledge. DH really must be more aware.

This evening as I was cooking dinner, I mentioned it to DH. He got a strange, smirky expression and said (in a guilty/laughing tone), "Oh. Hmmm. I thought I tucked it in tight enough."
Apparently he was QUITE aware that Brother had ripped off the velcro piece, but was TOO FREAKIN' LAZY to get another diaper and change him again. So, he did a man-job on the diaper and just "tucked" one piece into the other on the side. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I slapped him. OK- just on the arm, but I mean, SERIOUSLY! Do you find this type of diapering acceptable in a Dad of 3+ years?
I am still in disbelief. I have decided that DH should continue to change nighttime diapers until he MASTERS the skill.


Anonymous said...

I love my husband, but there are those moments when I have to say in frustration,
"I KNOW you are a perfectly competent attorney in REAL LIFE." I know this.

That said, there are more moments when he is the BEST DAD EVER IN THE WORLD.
They just don't stick out so much or scream for sarcastic comments like the others. :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Maybe you should put a "tucked in" diaper next to him tonight as he sleeps. And then pour a pitcher of water into it.

I find object lessons speak volumes.

Beck said...

My husband is much, much better at putting on diapers than I am. I think I'm missing that gene or something.

Jody said...

I just stumbled across your blog and read this story. I could see my husband doing much the same thing. Thanks for a great story and thanks for the laugh. It made me smile!