Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cupcake tote to the rescue

Before I begin today's real post, let me just say: You know your little tendency to eat small bites of raw cookie dough has escalated way out of control when you are so desperate for it that you are willing to make it in the bathroom so as not to wake the children from their naps. Seriously, I have a problem. It's those darned pasteurized eggs! Before they sold those at my grocery store, I was always a little scared of getting Salmonella poisioning from the dough, so I'd only take a little taste. But now that there are no worries~! (Aside from weight gain, excessive cholesterol, etc.) I think that I just ate enough dough to equal about 14 cookies. Not good. Not good at all.

Back on topic now:
As mentioned in an earlier post, I was the very lucky winner of Jessica's lovely cupcake tote. The plan was to hide it away when it came in the mail and use it as a V-Day gift for Sister. But, being the absentminded person that I am, when the package came in the mail I forgot about it and wondered aloud (in front of Sister), "Now, what can this be?" We were both intrigued, but when I tore the edge of the envelope and saw the pink strap of the cupcake tote peeking out at me, I jammed the package behind me and said, "Oh! No! Wait! This is a surprise!"

Sister was not happy. She wanted to see the surprise! I explained that it was her Valentine and that she could have it on Valentine's Day, and hid it high in my closet. I stuck to it for a long while too, despite Sister's frequent requests to see her Valentine.

Then Sister started the puking.
As she lay propped on the pillows in my bed yesterday, and after I had given her Tylenol and a cool glass of water, I asked her if there was anything else I could do to make her feel better.

In her weak little voice with tears in her eyes, she said, "Mommy, can I please see my Valentine now?
She was so pitifully sick that I couldn't resist her.

The cupcake tote saved the day. She has carried that thing around ever since. After filling it with several little dolls, she clutched it next to her in bed while watching Mary Poppins, carried it wherever she went, and slept with it at night. (And luckily, the tote bag survived a 2 AM puking session unscathed.)

I think it's safe to say that Sister likes the cupcake tote.

So, thanks Jessica! Now I've just got to figure out some small treat for Sister to receive on V-Day, since she messed up my present!
And I think we will be postponing Valentine's Day celebrations around here until the pukes are gone. The kids won't know the difference, and it's just not that romantic at my house right now. You know?


Beck said...

That is a VERY cute cupcake tote - poor little bug, being so sick. I hope she's all better today.

Jessica B. said...

I am so happy that my tote bag made things better!!

I am so glad you like it- I sold one on Ebay for $20, so I would say you got a great bargain!

I am going to list some more. I have a poor little sad one with a crooked pocket that I am going to start a little cheaper.
I really had no idea that people would love these things so much- it was just a whim!