Sunday, February 3, 2008

new friends visiting the sand box

Did you know that $1.99 spent at Target for a tube of plastic turtles and frogs can buy a lot of backyard fun? I was trying to spice up the sandbox a little bit (it worked!) but eventually our little plastic friends decided that they wanted to go explore in the yard too.
I try to stay away from the plastic stuff more and more, but when you're talking about sandboxes and outdoor play, plastic is still in consideration. Grateful today that the thermometer is starting to rise again. Please don't be jealous, northern friends. I'll pay for it in July when it's 100 degrees!
My only regret was not buying two tubes of critters. Sharing these was really hard for my children. Sister, especially. You'd think that being 3 and 1/2 she'd do better with the sharing thing than Brother. But it seems Sister is going through a little hoarding stage lately. Thursday at playgroup I found her sitting on the floor clutching all the dolls and princess finery she could get her little hands on. She didn't play with it, she just held it. It was rather amusing, and since the other kids (mostly boys) didn't want it, I let it go. Later I asked her what her best part of the day was. Her reply?
"When I hog-ded the dolls." Yes, the DH has taught her to say "hogged" as in "Are you hogging all the toys?"
We're real classy people.

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Beck said...

For sandbox play, you NEED plastic stuff, really. Or tin, but tin is hard to find. A friend of mine introduced my children to the Sandbox Cafe, where you take all of your toy dishes to the sandbox and cook. Very fun.