Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ten Things Making Me Happy This Weekend

Thanks so much for all the comments you left regarding food allergies (my last post.) You all made great points, and I'm going to do another post about it after I've had a few days to mull things over. Feel free to continue to add comments to that post.
Anyway, I feel that perhaps my blog hasn't had quite enough positive vibing lately, so I'm jumping on Amanda's bandwagon and listing 10 happy things.
1. These drawings by Sister. She suddenly has moved from scribbling, to drawing circles, and now... people! They are just the cutest things ever!

2. A morning to myself. Ahh... so nice. DH took the kids to the park and left me home alone for some "me" time. I worked on the next thing that is making me happy...

3. Mini-swap with Kate. It's coming together! I can't say too much because it's a surprise, but I'll have lots of crafty goodness to share here after next week. I've got a theme going and I'm so excited about it... hope you and the boys like it Kate! (Sneak peek below!)

4. A book swap with Jade. So cool- her kids are an age and gender match with mine. I'm already thumbing through our stacks and picking out some cool reads for them.

5. This photo of Sister's Barbie. Now, people, I want you to understand that nothing about this photograph was staged. As I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, I just came across this lovely scene- a whorishly dressed and disheveled Barbie leaning against the Kleenex box next to the dollhouse toilet. (Guess it was a rough night!) I swear I have no idea how the toilet got there. I fear that Sister's Barbie has been corrupted by Beck's Barbies. And she used to be such a sweet Irish dancer type. Oh, dear.

6. A renewed interest in scrapbooking. I must say that I hate the term "scrapbooking." It sounds really cheesy to me. But I love the idea of documenting life by putting pictures together with writing (memories, stories, descriptions, etc.) and some beautiful art supplies to create a truly special and unique momento. Ali Edwards calls it "life art." Sounds more like it. I've seen some of the new products that just came out and they are making me want to dig my scrapbook stuff out of the garage and get back to it. Specifically, I'm loving:
Jenni Bowlin's stuff
Heidi Swapp's new stuff (always love Heidi)
K& Company line featuring Land of Nod artist
Sassafras Lass papers- digging those robots and those adorable owls!

7. This awesome free butterfly applique for a shirt for Sister. (Heck- me too!) It's from Sandi Henderson and I love it.

8. Health. We're all back in action. Thank you, God.

9. These books that my kids are loving right now. (Me too.)

We are Different, We're the Same (a great Sesame Street book)

10. A really cool "radio" website- Pandora. You can type in an artist or style of music, and they'll play a continuous run of music in that style. It's great background music while you're cooking supper.

Happy weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

I love being the fist commenter.

Barbie cracked me up.

Love those little drawings - they look quite familiar! I have several saved, myself, and yes, they make me happy, too.

I much prefer "documenting life artistically" to the term "scrapbooking," as well.

I felt happy just reading this! Very fun.

Jade said...

Hey you! Love you're 10 things post. I love kiddie drawings. I need to frame some I think.

Looking forward to the swap!

Kate said...

I'm so glad to hear that things seem to be on the upswing at your house. Hurray for health!!

We are so excited to see what you guys are cooking up..a theme, how exciting!

Beck said...

Poor Barbie. She's just a tramp and can't help it.
I always wanted to photograph a trip to the scrapbook store and then scrapbook that. it would all be very meta.

Chrissy said...

That Barbie picture cracked me up, especially the toilet. So bizarre.

To add to Beck's comment, I once went to one of those all-night scrap things at the scrapbook store, and someone was actually taking pictures. That's just going too far.