Tuesday, February 26, 2008

linky linky

No time to talk. Working on mini-swap and having so much fun! But I'll send you some linky love. Here are 3 sites that I have enjoyed this week.
1. Blumchen- Check out that Easter goodness! Oh, my, get out the credit card!
2. Bento Corner- This is such a fun way to eat lunch. Great Japanese concept to make healthy food appealing, but I'm afraid Sister won't go for the seaweed.
3. Rebecca Sower's reflections on going unplugged for a day. I love this idea. I think I'm going to try doing it on Sundays. (We really want to attempt a Sabbath around here- so far it isn't happening but I haven't given up.) One thing that stood out to me in Rebecca's entry was how she realized that in the absence of TV, phone, internet, etc. she did a lot of thinking. She says, "And I realized that more than stealing our creative time, all these 'gadgets' might also be stealing our thoughts, our ability to muse and reflect and dream and ponder."
How much more true for our children, who are in danger of never learning the quiet language of dreaming and pondering in this loud, technological age?
OK, back to mini-swap fun!


Anonymous said...

I just today read an excellent short article about how hyper-scheduling our kids may be actually keeping them from discovery, from thinking, from creativity. Businesses want new employees who "think outside the box," but we haven't given them time to think at all for years! I was considering a post on the very thing... I'll check out that link for sure.

Hey, weird question.
I love the song on your blog, Landslide. I have loved it for years.
But what do you think she means when she says, "if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills, well maybe the landslide will bring it down."

I get the rest of it, and I love the song, but what does that particular phrase MEAN, exactly? I've thought and thought about that... have you?

Beck said...

Oh, that Easter store! I want EVERYTHING!
The Girl is ALL ABOUT sushi in her lunch, but she hates nori so we have to be creative around that.