Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Oh, my.
I was just preparing to write a lovely blog post featuring the beautiful cupcake tote I won in the Bloggy Giveaways Contest.
But then Sister woke up from her nap screaming and I went in to find lots of pink throw-up. (Pink because of the Valentine's cupcakes she ate this morning.)
Seems we have been stricken with the bug that's going around our community.
Hope I'll be back tomorrow.


Beck said...

Eep! Get better!

Anonymous said...

And so it begins.

Once my daughter threw up red, white, and blue from the star-kiss popsicle at the Dairy Queen. All over the carpet. It was the one time I can remember when I could NOT do it - I couldn't clean it up. We called in a carpet cleaner.

Hope it's short lived and well-contained! You have my sympathies...

kate said...

Yuk. Sorry! Here's to Lots of hand washing and crossing your fingers that you don't all get a turn.